Ignore Every Distraction

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Focus is the ability to concentrate one’s attention on a particular thing or subject of interest. The subject of interest could be anything at all from set goals to defined ambitions, work, movie, family, sports or even men and women. Distraction on the other hand is taking or diverting one’s attention away from a subject of interest. It is possible for one to be focused on a distraction.

In the world of today where there are so many distractions and new ones created every day, the ability to focus on the right subject is golden. You try to focus in school but clubbing, drinking women/men and cultism is waiting to distracts you from your studies. You try to work and build a career, life problems, family troubles, financial difficulties, domestic and personal struggles wont let you be. You try to run for an elective position or lead your people, all manner of insults, accusations, criticisms, fake news and even secrets about you that you are not aware of will come up. You try to hustle legitimately, everybody wants to rip you off, police brutality, the economy seems it deliberately does not want you to succeed.

It would seem that in any subject of interest or struggle you find yourself in life, there are always general and unique distractions waiting for you there. The question is, should you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks on your way to destination? They are charging at you, barking like they will bite. Focus! Concentrate on where you are going, what you are doing and where you want to be. Once you throw a stone at one, more will come and the barks will increase, now they will have a reason to charge at you and while trying to fight them off, you are distracted.

Distractions are everywhere, in everything we do, good or bad. You will know you have picked the right struggles if there are many things trying to distract you at once. Never get carried away, dogs will always bark. If you succeed in wading them off, more will come in front, and the cycle continues. Keep your eyes on your target, ignore all other thing. Keep moving, set your goals and charge at them, remember that the art and beauty of dribbling and scoring is in avoiding all tackles not tackling back. If you fail or fall, stand up, try again and again, you will win in the end.

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