Things To Consider When Choosing A Partner

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Choosing a partner should be easy, all you have to do is choose someone you love, who your heart truly desires and yearns for and who also feels same way about you, then you kickstart things and hit the ground running.

However it is not that simple. We often have to consider other things and people around us. Finances, our backgrounds, our status in life, our parents, physical looks, sexual skills and dexterity, compatibility, character and general attitude towards life. These things mostly determine our choice of partner and the importance of these reasons are person dependent. While some persons may feel that finances and physical looks are not important in picking a life partner, others think it is the most important.

The question that begs for answer still remains, what is the most important trait a person should possess before making him a partner? I would simply answer LOVE, CHARACTER and COMPATIBILIY. These three ingredients does it for me and they are atomic in nature, this means that all three must be fulfilled before considering the person a partner.

If you both love each other genuinely, love alone is simply not enough in choosing partner, especially one you will be spending your life with. You should check for character and by this I mean general attitude towards you and towards life. Does he or she respect and treat you well? how about people around you? Are they lazy? How do they think? How do they manage their finances even if it is small? What are their ambitions, plans and work towards achieving it? If the answer to all of these questions come out positive then check for compatibility. If you are the religious type, are they? Does their other believes suit you? How about their general domestic behavior, are you fine with all of that? If these answers come out good then congrats, you should be good to go.

Choosing a partner should be all about what you want for yourself not what what your parents or some other persons want. This is not to say that you should not listen to your parents or elders, you should probably hear them out and know their reasons, then check to see if they are right, mostly they are, sometimes they are also wrong. It should not also be about your image or how people will see you, they will not be the one living with the person. Finances are very important but with the right attitude and hardwork, money will come, sex is also very important but sexual skills can be learnt too. Money and sex should not be a deal breaker in choosing a partner.

Choose someone who will make life worth living for you and give you physical and emotional fulfilment.

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