Speaking And Silence Are Golden, Use Wisely!

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The ability to speak, use languages effectively and communicate, we have been endowed with from birth. We were given a mouth, a tongue, the ability to learn a language and a brain to think. All of these enables for us to easily Express our feelings, say what we know, Express our emotions, ideas, plans, fears, anger or simply pass information. The importance of speaking can never be over exaggerated but we must be careful not to overuse and abuse it.

Understandably, the urge to say what is on our mind is an impulsive urge but in a world of so much noise with everyone speaking and filling the air with senseless and unnecessary words in an attempt to be heard or get attention, speaking what makes sense is golden.

Effective communications is key, speaking is not communication until it makes sense and the people we are talking to can also make sense of it. When everyone talks at the same time, the product is noise, which never makes sense, only bites and taunt the ear. In the end the aim of communication is completely defeated.

Another gift we often neglect is the ability to patiently listen and understand. This ability is underused and is even more important that speaking itself because only when you have listened and understood, you can then speak, make sense and then communicate effectively else you will just be uttering a set of coherent or incoherent words and making noise.

As much as you want to speak or have something to say, always make sure you have listened very attentively, digested what you have heard, think it through before you speak. If the benefit of silence outweighs that of speaking, then we should say nothing but if we must speak, do it with balance. Never speak longer than you must, Ironically the more we speak the less we communicate.

The power of silence is often underestimated and people rarely use it. It leaves people in the dark, not knowing what you feel, what is in your mind therefore not able to figure you out. When people can’t figure you out, you appear a mystery to them and they fear you.

Never give someone the benefit of a reply when you should have just ignored them. Silence they say is the best answer for fools. Speak only when you must and not longer than you should for this is the only way to maintain a balance between your words and your silence.

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