Take A Minute To Study Them Before Jumping On It!

The sense of knowing “what is is good for us” is sometimes confusing. Our eyes is seeing something pretty and attractive but our head is suggesting something different. In most cases, the looks and all the other attractive things blinds us to seeing what is inside and then boom! We jump to it, only to discover that it is not exactly as it looks and sometimes irreversible mistakes may have been made and a lot of damage has been done. We cry, recall and regret our actions, only to come out and make the same mistakes again.

It is in human nature to love and desire attractive things but before you jump on it have you taken you time to know what it is made of? You meet a lady, so beautiful and sexy, her face is like a shining star, with Omotola and Genevieve’s beauty combined, her shape is the bomb, she has the perfect look and sizes, it’s like running into a local version of Kim Kardashian, her voice melts your heart and leaves it beating like parade drums, what about her initial attitude? She is so nice you as yourself where she has been all this whole time you have been looking for her. Instead of taking it slow and giving yourself a little time to get to know her, Boom! Relationship has started.

Ladies are also fond of making same mistake, you meet a guy so cute and tall, perfect body with abs and six packs everywhere, broad shoulders, with a super heart melting baritone voice and on top of it all, he is rich. You say to yourself, this is it, throw caution to the wind and before we say Jack, you are engaged! Then he or she begins to show their true colours and the soul poisoning begins, problems here and there, lies and cheats, betrayals and secrets then you realise you are in a relationship with a human poison, you have gone too far with them, you are pregnant or may have fixed a wedding and a lot has been spent.

My dear, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Trust but verify. Do not just jump into things because it looks too attractive, beauty is deceptive. Always make sure you know all of its ingredients before eating that food. Take your time, study them, know their perspectives and core characters. You will be saving yourself a lot of misery in the nearest future. Never jump without knowing where you will be landing, we can’t always figure it all out but if you take your time, do it the right way, fate will lead you through and you will be glad you did.

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