Don’t Be Quick to Judgement

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Often times we are very quick to judge when we see something odd that catches our attention. We tend to give a straight away opinion of what we think is the problem or what went wrong, we are too quick to condemn and place blames based on how we have perceived the situation. We fail to give consideration to other factors that may have contributed to such situation and refuse to hear other sides of the stories to it. Ultimately, we place ourselves above the incidence and make judgemental pronunciations that may be totally hurtful, wrong and inconsiderate.

People can be the architect of their own problems, ugly situations can be a direct result of nonchalant or bad attitudes, no doubt but have you taken a second to think it through before deciding?, have you considered other variables that may have also affected the person or their situation?, did you hear their own side of the story?, were you patient enough to understand them and where they are coming from?, there may be more than meets the eyes you know? It might not be the way you are perceiving it.

Realise that no one ever consciously wishes evil or negativities for themselves. People go through pains, struggle and mysery in life and it sometimes reforms them the way they are. That guy that can’t afford a decent life has a story to tell, that lady that everyone complains about their bad way of life has one too. You may pity that lady that have divorced twice when you hear her out, the man that can’t keep any woman as a wife for one year may be struggling too. You may have a lot to learn from the old lonely rag looking woman in your area, even a mad man has his own story, if you can go close to him and get him to talk or you know his relative, you might just be shocked on what you hear.

Avoid hasty condemnation, don’t be too quick to judge people and their situations. That life is going as you planned does not give you the right to condemn others that are not so lucky. If you can’t help them, pass by, don’t speak evil of them. And when they get on your nerves, be patient and don’t be so quick to reaction. There is a story behind every pain and struggle, Don’t always judge.

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