Who Are Your Friends?

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There is the popular saying “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” This statement is true because the the kind of people you choose to move with, influences your life. Your friends and circle play a very important role in your psychic and mentality. You hang out with them at your free time, chat, exchange ideas, advices, joke, relate experiences, decide next steps etc. These activities form part of your personality and their content becomes part of you.

Hanging out with people who Chun out bad ideas, advices you wrongly, and pump in negativity into you life will definitely drive your life negatively. You will often find yourself making bad decisions, having a negative feeling towards new challenges, getting more unruly towards people and retrogressing in life.

Choose your friends wisely and carefully and watch the way they influence your thoughts. If you have the right people around you, you will see how good and meaningful life will turn out, you will have the right perceptions to life and you will get more positive encouragement in whatever you do.

If you have found yourself among bad friends, and you have come to realise that, then you need new and positive friends. Take steps to avoid the old friends and move closer to the better ones and watch how things turn more positively for you. Remember that you can not play in a waste dumpsite and expect to smell good.

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