Be Responsible For Your Happiness

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People can actually influence your happiness. Yes, The people around you has a big part or role to play in your everyday life, this in turn influences your mood. We are not an Island and can never exist as one. Your interactions everyday with the people in your life and how things turn out is what determines how you feel which in turn drives your mood and inevitably decides your happiness.

However, you also have a very big part to play in your happiness and a big part of your joy, sanity in life depends on how you react to things and happenings around you. The people around you can only influence your happiness, they don’t decide it. If for example, they choose to say things that get on your nerves, you can choose to ignore them, walk away and forge ahead with other things in your life.

Do not expect others to always do what makes you happy, always watch the way you react to negativity and bad vibes around you. Life will always throw negativities at you from time to time, the way you choose to react makes the difference. People will always disappoint you, especially the ones you placed high hopes on, realise that it is part of life and live anyway.

In the end realise that there will always be bad days, everyday will not always be a happy day but for maximum happiness and more happy days in your life, be in control of your reactions, expect less from people and avoid negative situations as much. These way you will be responsible for how you feel always.

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