Never hate back…

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Jealousy and hate Inspiration meme
No matter what you do in life, good, bad, Ugly, there will always be the ones who will hate you for it. No matter how good you are at doing something, you will always have your own fair share of “Hating fans”. If you decide to please everyone, you will still be hated for it. Even if you decide to become totally useless in everything, so as not to be a competition to anyone at all, there is someone waiting to hate you there too, even if it has to be someone who started becoming useless before you, lol.

Hate and jealousy can not be separated, they go hand in hand, One begets the other. People may hate you for many reasons but one of the most common reason is that they are jealous of the fact that you have something they don’t, possess something they want, or can do something they can’t. They feel helpless and inferior when they see you and it slowly eats them up, bit by bit it begins to turn into hate.

Never hate back at them, do not despise their presence before you, Instead respect them. They are the ones who have accepted defeat, they are the ones who have come to terms that you are better than them, Respect that. Never stoop to their level by Hating back, you are the bigger one. If they get close enough, you can help them, teach them to see from a different perspective, that no one is better than the other and everyone is unique in their own ways. Respect their jealousy and love them for it, only love can defeat hate.

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