Don’t Wait… Live Now! (Note)

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Life is very complicated! It was complicated before you were born and it will remain so after you are long gone. We strive to acquire wealth to make it easier for us but sometimes it seems the more we get, the more complex it becomes.

Do not say you are waiting for things to get simpler or better before you actually start living, it may never and if and when it will get a little better, you may have run out of time. Go ahead, do all you dare!

Go on that vacation anyway if it will make you happier, go on that trip, eat that thing you crave, buy that expensive item, do that nasty fantasy of yours, take that leave, if it makes you happy, do it anyway.

You only live one and time actually is flying. Don’t wait until it’s the perfect time, it may never, the time you choose is the perfect time. Just do it and be happy, live your life, you only get that chance once.

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