Everything is Temporary except…

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The world and all of its fancy and material contents has made us all so engrossed in the struggle to acquire them all. We have become so engrossed that we have forgotten the little things that make life worth living both for us and for others. Some of us have so become enchanted that we have almost forgotten that we are humans and created for a purposeful living.

When was the last time you helped the needy, visited the motherless baby home, the prisons etc. When last did you give arms and charity without alterior intentions, how do you relate with your neighbours, how do you treat your staffs and subordinates, your maid etc. The people you encounter in your everyday dealings, how do you treat them?

Remember and understand always that everything you think you own in this world is temporary and one day you shall abandon all of it and go. Only the love in your heart which you show people and put in the heart of the people you encounter will last forever. People may quickly forget how much you had while you were around but may not quickly forget how influenced their life during that time.

So no matter how much you have little or plenty, always remember to be human and show some love as you live.

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