Relationship: Win The Love Not The Argument

There are never any perfect relationships, be it dating or marriage. No matter how in love partners in a relationship seem, there will always be arguments and disagreements from time to time.

It is important to note that these arguments or disagreements are healthy for the relationship and helps you know your partner more, therefore making the relationship grow stronger and the bond between you two stronger.

That being said, arguments can sometimes go off limits and disagreements will linger longer than normal this maybe due to expectations in the relationship not met, jealousy or trust issues. Which ever the problem, make sure your priorities are set right and never let your ego come before your partner. Would you rather let go of the relationship or let go of the problems you are having with your partner? Would you rather win an argument and loose your partners affection?

These are important questions you must ask your self before letting a problem that could be settled easily become prolonged. Try to always be the bigger person, if the problem is not worth it, let go, even if you have to prove a point, find other affectionate and polite ways to do it. In the end, always let love lead.

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