Inspiration: Don’t Compare Yourself…

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Don’t put yourself through depression by comparing your life with others. Yes, it is fine that you want to check how good you are doing relative to your peers or mates around. It helps you know how well you have done, things you should do and motivates you to work harder to be at per with them but know when to draw the limits of comparison.

That your friends are all doing very well in life currently and you are not making headway does not mean that you have become Useless. It does not mean that you are not working hard enough or smart enough.

Sometimes life is hard for some persons at some point and easier on others, sometimes tests and temptations come to check how strong and firm you are standing.

Never compare yourself to others because life rotates, today it may be their turn, tomorrow may be yours. Keep doing your thing, work and pray, your day will come.

Remember the sun shines in the daytime because that is its time and the moon at night because it is also it’s time. Keep going dear, your time will come.

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