Accept People The Way They Are So They Can Do Same

Often times, people wants a standard for themselves but are not ready to give such standard. They demand a level of treatment and respect but will not return such to you. The world is filled with Hippocrates, the same people who critisize faults in others often turn around to exhibit those traits when ayes are not looking.

Many people say they want someone who will accept them the way they are, this includes their physical looks, characters and all sorts but the same people will never tolerate same in others, infact they see it as deal breakers.

So before you desire something from others, make sure you can give same and in the same condition the person gave it to you. If you must marry a virgin for instance, make sure you are keeping yourself a virgin too. If you want a rich dude for a husband, make sure you are rich. If you need a person of principles, make sure you are principled. If you want a well behaved partner, make sure you are well behaved and if you need a wife material, make sure you are a husband material.

Avoid double standard or being a hypocrite for that is a prerequisite for witchcraft. Lol!

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