New iFIT Dumbbells Now Works With Alexa Commands

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iFIT has launched its new Alexa-compatible adjustable free weights, the NordicTrack iSelect Dumbbells, which you can adjust via voice commands.If you’ve ever used free weights and wished to tell them how much weight you want (rather than manually adjusting them), iFIT might have a solution. Its new NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells can work with Alexa to let you change your weight load-out with simple voice commands. Provided you have an Alexa device to connect to in the first place, as the iSelect Dumbbells don’t have a standalone voice command function.

Functionally, the iSelect Dumbbells are fairly similar to other adjustable free weights. An assortment of weights (all in five-pound increments) can be added to the grips, up to a total of 50-pounds per dumbbell. You can adjust the weight manually using a dial in the center of the selector, and a digital readout will let you know how much weight you’re using.

However, by connecting the iSelect Dumbbells to Alexa, you can skip the manual adjustments by returning the dumbbells to the selector and telling Alexa how much weight you want to use. You can request a specific weight, ask Alexa to reduce or increase weight by a specific amount, or use presets like “bicep curls.” Once in place, the motorized weight selection will adjust to the amount of weight you want, then you just remove the dumbbells and continue with your workout.

The NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells are available now from Amazon for $429.00, which includes weights, weight selector, and a 30-day iFIT membership. According to iFIT a membership is not required for Alexa functionality. While the set will work with Alexa devices out of the box, an Alexa device is not included.

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