Looking For Ways To Store Your Crypto; Here Are The 5 Most Reliable Bitcoin Wallets In Nigeria

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As Nigerians being one of the biggest users of cryptocurrency worldwide as the adoption of bitcoin and other altcoins continues to elevate.

If one is looking forward to join the bitcoin train in Nigeria, then it’s important you understand the need for bitcoin wallets in Nigeria or any Cryptocurrency wallet for that matter.

If you’re going to keep your precious coins safe, then you need to use reliable and secure wallets that would let you manage your crypto transactions well.

That’s why we have created this resource of the best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria, so you can easily go through your options and choose the one most suitable for you.But before we get into the list of bitcoin wallets in Nigeria that you can use.

Let’s talk a bit about what a bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet is.

One of the major reasons why users need a Cryptocurrency Wallet is obviously for a plain simple Security.

While a lot of people use crypto exchanges for storing their crypto, it can be risky to this as it exposes your digital assets to hacks as these exchanges operate online.

If the exchange gets hacked, you might never see your cryptocurrencies again.

While crypto exchanges are great for trading these currencies, they are not exactly the safest place for holding your cryptos.

To keep your currencies more secure, it’s better to hold your crypto assets in a wallet, instead of putting them at risk with crypto exchanges.

List of Best Bitcoin Wallets in Nigeria

1. Coinbase Wallet

2. Luno Wallet

3. Trust Wallet

4. Buycoins Wallet

5. Quidax Wallet


Coinbase launched in 2012 and is now one of the most popular crypto platforms in the world for providing a safe and user-friendly way to buy and trade multiple cryptocurrencies.

This is evident with its over 43 million customers around the globe.

Coinbase wallet is one of the top bitcoin wallets in Nigeria Nigeria as it supports many different crypto assets, access to decentralized apps (DApps), uses bank-level security, and offers Cloud integration (Google Drive and iCloud).

But it’s important to note that Nigerians can only use Coinbase’s wallet services to transfer their coins between Coinbase and other wallets, Trading on the Coinbase exchange itself is not available for Nigerians.

Coinbase is very easy to use especially for beginners its ease of use.

However, if you’re an advanced crypto person, you can use the Coinbase Pro to access advanced tools like the ability to monitor fluctuations on the market in real-time.


First Launched in 2013 as BitX. Luno is both a cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet provider. Luno is still one of the best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria to use despite the CBN circular that stops its Nigerian users from depositing and withdrawing from the Luno app.

But you can still trade cryptocurrencies on Luno. You can’t just deposit from a Nigerian bank account to your Luno wallet and you can deposit from your Luno wallet to your Nigerian bank account.

However, you can send cryptocurrencies from other wallets to your Luno wallet and use it to trade. Luno supports 5 cryptocurrencies that you can trade: Bitcoin – BTCEthereum – ETHBitcoin Cash – BCHRipple XRPLitecoin LTC


Trust wallet is one of the most trusted & secure crypto wallets in the world. Just ask the 10 million+ people using Trust Wallet.With this open-source wallet you can buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto. You can exchange your crypto without leaving the Trust wallet app, track charts and crypto prices within the app.

Binance acquired Trust Wallet in 2018 as its official wallet.

With Trust wallet, you can buy Bitcoin in less than five minutes, earn interest on the crypto in your wallet and store your collectibles (Art & NFTs) in one place. Trust Wallet supports over 150 cryptocurrencies including ERC 20 tokens. Its server-free infrastructure means no one has access to your assets except you. It has some added in-app security like Pin and biometric scanningTrust wallet has a simple and easy to use interface as well as cross-platform support.


Buycoins is one of the popular bitcoin wallets in Nigeria to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Buycoins offers a secure wallet to store your cryptocurrencies for free. With this crypto platform, there are Zero transaction fees. There are no extra fees when you buy & sell on Buycoins. Buycoins secure P2P trading platform is also very popular among Nigerians.


Quidax is another one of the best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria. it is both a trusted cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet provider that has users from over 70 countries. The Quidax Wallet allows you to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Quidax which is headquartered in Malta has never been hacked or scammed. You can access your Quidax wallet via the web and through the Quidax app. However, its web wallet does not give you access to your private key.

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