NFT Swapping Platform MetaSwap Loses $600k Worth of BNB

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MetaSwap, a popular NFT swapping platform has been accused of swindling 600,000 USD worth of BNB from its platform.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that the team backing Meta Swap allegedly swapped Ethereum, Binance and Polygon, stealing 1,100 BNB in the process.

Not long after, the native token noticed a significant drop.

As a result of the malicious act allegedly carried out by the MetaSwap team, several blockchain enthusiasts advised that a soft rug pull be carried out.

Many investors described the recent development as a neglect on the part of the pioneers as they had allegedly sold a large number of their users tokens in exchange for money.

Also, the company alleged that the 1,100 BNB stolen is worth $605,000 approximately, and the same was conveyed to TornadoCash, a tool that is Ethereum-based.

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