Mutant Ape Yacht NFT’s Surges To Over 500% In Just Three Months

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Prices of Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT are increasing steadily, as a 500% increase in trading volume was recorded over the past week.

The collection was launched in August, with existing Bored Ape NFT owners able to use serum to mint one Mutant Ape for free.

Over that span, the average sale price of a Mutant Ape NFT has jumped from about 8 ETH (over $32,000) on December 21 to over 12.3 ETH (about $50,250) yesterday.

In the past seven days, the price floor—or cost of the cheapest-available NFT—for the mutant ape yatch nft project has increased by nearly 40%.

OpenSea, which is currently the world’s largest NFT marketplace, has emassed nearly $2.9 billion worth of NFT trading volume so far this month

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