OpenDAO Airdrops Thousands of Tokens To Open Sea Wallet Users

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A new project, OpenDAO which poses to be decentralized and NFT-focused has launched .The project which launched on Christmas Eve have some token as airdrop for OpenSea users.

The token has soared overnight.

The distribution method is notable because of recent criticisms aimed at OpenSea and its hesitance to launch a token.

It allocated a 50% portion of its SOS token supply to users of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.

The amount distributed to each user was calculated based on the amount spent on OpenSea and the number of transactions before a snapshot date.

As a result, some of the most active NFT traders have received the largest payouts from the airdrop.

Christmas token airdrops like this have become something of a crypto phenomenon in recent years; in 2020, 1inch memorably distributed its 1INCH token to early users at midnight on Christmas Day.

Presently, OpenDAO’s market cap is at roughly $295 million.

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