How To Reset Your Apple Smart Watch

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Popular tech gaint, Apple had recently announced release of another new generation of Apple Watch .

If you are planning to sell or trade-in your existing Apple Watch for some reason, then you need to reset it first before handing it over to someone else.

It doesn’t matter which Apple Watch you are using, the steps to reset the smartwatch are similar for all of them. Here we have a complete guide to reset the Apple Watch, so read the story till the end.

How to reset an Apple Watch

There are many different ways by which you can reset your Apple Watch.

A factory reset erases all data and settings, turns off the Apple Watch passcode unlock and erases all apps.

Here are step by step procedures that will help erase all data and settings on your Apple watch

Step 1: Using Your iPhone:

You will have to pair your Apple with your Apple iPhone.After both the devices are paired with each other, you will have to open the Apple Watch app in your Apple iPhone and go to the ‘General’ option.

Locate the ‘Reset’ option and tap on it.On the next screen you will have to select the ‘Erase Apple Watch content and settings’ option, after which you will receive a dialogue box on the screen asking for your confirmation.

If you are using a Cellular Apple Watch then you need to decide whether you want to keep the plan or cancel it. You can contact your carrier to cancel the plan.

Steps to reset Apple Watch directlyIf you don’t want to connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone

To reset your Watch, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to the settings app on your Apple Watch and select ‘General’.You will have to now tap on the ‘Erase all content settings’ option.

A push notification will show on the screen asking for your confirmation.

Enter the passcode if you are using it or just scroll down and press on ‘Erase All’ option.

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