US Moves To Recover $154M Worth Of BTC Stolen From Sony

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The United States Department of Justice has commenced investigation into an Alleged $150 million funds in Bitcoin.

The FBI tracked down the funds during a robbery investigation involving Sony.

“The United States took action in a federal court today to protect and ultimately return more than $154 million in funds that were allegedly stolen from a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation and then seized by law enforcement during the FBI’s investigation of the theft,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

An employee of Sony allegedly embezzled these funds in May 2021, converting them to over 3,800 Bitcoin (now worth over $180 million).

“Those funds were seized by law enforcement on December 1, 2021, based on the FBI’s investigation,” the Justice Department added.

The employee has been identified as Justice Department as Rei Ishii.

Ishii was working as an insurance agent for the Sony Group subsidiary.

According to the Justice Department, Ishii allegedly diverted the $154 million when the company attempted to transfer these funds between their own financial accounts.

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