Alibaba Billionaire CEO, Jack Ma Says Almost ‘Everyone Can Be Successful If You Really Try Hard’

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Ali Baba Billionaire CEO, Jack Ma had one of the toughest life lessons, which had served as an inspiration for him.

He grew up in Hangzhou, China where, after college, he applied for and was rejected from 30 jobs, before becoming an English teacher.

Then, after he was introduced to the internet on a trip to the United States in 1995, he went on to found Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba with no technical or business skills, he says.

Today, Ma is worth $35 billion and the company he founded has a market capitalization of over $396 billion.

“I think everybody can be successful if you really try hard,” Ma said at the Viva Tech conference in Paris.

According to ma, he thinks that because he lived it.

Ma had initially revealed that he

started Alibaba in his
apartment in 1999 with no money and a small team that used their underdog status as motivation.

“If people criticize you, you have to think. And I spent most of my time thinking about the future, I spend a most of time listen to the complaints. Because people like me, we don’t have money, we don’t have technology, we don’t have strong relationship, the only thing we compete with the others is that how we see the future.” jack man said.

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