Uber’s New Feature Allows You Book Your Ride On WhatsApp, See How

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Popular transportation service, Uber has revealed that Meta-owned WhatsApp may now be used to book rides in some countries.

According to Uber, the company has just had it’s first ever integration with WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app.

Users of the ride-hailing service will be able to schedule a ride using Uber’s official WhatsApp chatbot, which would make booking a ride as simple as sending a WhatsApp message.

Customers will no longer need to download the Uber app on their cellphones because they can now book Uber rides using WhatsApp. Uber’s chatbot on Whatsapp will assist the user with the usage of the services, such as registration, booking a ride, and receiving a receipt.

Everything will happen in a WhatsApp conversation.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has also verified that the service is available to both new and existing Uber users in India.

How to book an Uber via Whatsapp?To book an Uber via Whatsapp a user need to follow these steps:

A user can open an Uber WhatsApp chat by scanning the QR code and sending a “Hi” message to +91 792000002.

The user must next give the pick-up and drop-off addresses.The user will now be informed of the fare and the estimated arrival time of the driver.

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