YOLO: Sometimes Enjoy Life, Take Risks If You Perish, You Perish!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are broke, I mean downright broke such that the last cash on you is less than or just over a thousand bucks? Probably you have been expecting money, but then the day in which you are sure you are going to get the money arrives, but then you realise the money is not coming. For the past two days, you have had to drink water and manage the last three cups of garri left in that custard bucket of yours, hoping that you will get to eat a grand meal after your expected cash arrives.

After you get the information that no money is forthcoming anytime soon. You sit still, bring out a piece of paper and begin to map out a list of how best you would utilize a thousand naira in a week, and hope to God that money comes before the seven days is exhausted. After a one hour intense brainstorming session of drafting out different meal lists, you rip everything off and lie down on your back frustrated.

Now hold up a minute, I am sure you have experienced this one time in your life or the other, I am curious about what you did. Now to those who haven’t experienced this kind of situations, I pray you do not. But here is a little something I will like to share with you.

First, you need to know that life is not as hard as it seems, it is all about the mindset. And life can be very easy and we can live as free as we want even though we do not have everything we hope for.

For example, from the scenario painted above, you have to realize that life sometimes can be like that, giving us the unlucky hand. But at the same time, it is within our ability to respond to life the way that best suits us.

So, safe to say you have a thousand bucks at hand, your stomach is aching from hunger pangs and maybe you also have to buy a manual or something. You look at the cash at hand, look upward and then back at the cash at hand, wondering what best to do.

Friend, the best thing to do at that point is to get up, work into a shop with that money and get food to eat. Life is short, and sometimes incredibly long based on our decisions and only those who learn how to take good risks can enjoy it to the fullest. I mean, why would you have money and you are hungry and yet you’re contemplating whether to use the money to buy food or not? I know you have a thousand reasons to give me right now, but let me remind you that only the living can read a book.

Let’s say you get the manual and you still have hunger in your stomach, how are you going to read it anyway? Or don’t you know that only a full stomach can comprehend accurately? The brain obviously needs food to produce as much as the stomach.

Listen, you have to learn to be brave and say to yourself “if I perish, I perish”. What is the worst that can happen anyway, at least if you are able to live, you can make up for what you lost, there is always hope for the living. This life is short, and who knows what will happen eventually? If you say you are saving money, and the world ends now what then will happen? Ask yourself that. I mean, we have to ask ourselves these questions when we are faced with the choice of starving ourselves to death and living. You choose life that you may live.

So as much as you live on this earth, listen to this wise words from a sage; “when you are down to your last cash, do not think too much; just go have a shower, wear your nicest dress, wear a perfume and get you the best shoes from your collection. Then go out, walk into that restaurant you have always fancied. Order for the best food, that your cash can carry, smile widely and thank the server. Then now that the food is in your hand, say your thanks and begin digging in. Eat until satisfied and then walk back home”.

After you do this, truth is another money will come. Often we worry too much, wondering where the next meal or the next cash will come from so as to fund our wants and needs. And oftentimes we end up sacrificing our present joy or fulfilment.

And this keeps on such that we end up living life without enjoying anything from it, why? Because we are too meticulous. Our pernicious way of living keeps us in a constant state of wants, lack and unfulfillment.

But something can happen for a change, you can choose to take good risks and watch where it will take you to. This is in no way encouraging careless living. Rather it is saying that we can accept the gifts life offers without feeling guilty about anything.

Learn to take risk, to be brave enough to say “if I perish, I perish”. Because in the end you will see eventually you will not, and life will just continue for you. Today, learn to actually live life.

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