The Best Smartphone You Can Buy For Under N100,000

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Several Companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung are trying so hard as to develop less expensive products.

Thus, the idea of selecting the best budget phone isn’t much harder as it was before.

It is noteworthy that it’s not possible to buy a phone that does everything at this price point; instead, your focus should mostly be on the features that matter most to you.

You’ll have an easier time deciding, and you’ll end up with a great phone that you should be able to use for years to come.

Our pick for the best inexpensive iPhone is the 2020 edition of the Apple iPhone SE.

Also, if you fancy the best cheap Android phone, then the Google Pixel 5A is our top choice right now.

You won’t find a big, show-stopping screen here, or bells and whistles like a fast refresh rate screen. Instead, the phone covers the basics really well, plus IP67 waterproofing and timely software updates — all at a lower price than last year’s model.

The phone also comes with it’s expensive model: long battery life, good screen, good camera, and decent performance.Note that it’s somehow difficult to get high straight A’s in every single one of mobile phone features , but depending on your budget, you’ll know when and how to get the one you’ll love.

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