Transfer News And Rumours: Varane Gets Impatient

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The Frenchman is scheduled to begin training with Real Madrid this week, although he would prefer to end his transfer to United sooner and return to England.

Raphael Varane is aware that Real Madrid is in talks to sell him to Manchester United. He is not surprised, given it was his refusal to accept the white club’s renewal offer that forced Madrid to put him on the market, where he will have just one chance to get a fair price; He would be free next summer, and the Madrid squad needs every euro it can get to balance the books, as it has done admirably for the past two years, and, incidentally, to finance the hypothetical purchase of Mbappé, if it happens.

Varane makes it plain in this context that he does not want to attend two different preseasons this summer. The French center-back wants the sale to happen within the next few days so he can avoid joining Real Madrid in Valdebebas under Carlo Ancelotti and instead head straight to Manchester to practice with his new teammates.


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