Cryptic Message From Cristiano: “Today Is The Day Of Decision”

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Manchester United is the leading suitor, and Cholo’s right winger might return to the islands two years after his first visit. Atlético Madrid is clear that they do not want to lose him, as he is crucial to their league title. As a result, English is out the window, and only a fantastic offer combined with the player’s expressed wish to leave will allow him to leave.

In addition, the ex-Madridista piqued interest in his predicament this morning by posting a mysterious statement on his social media accounts. “It is the day of the decision,” the footballer said as he stepped in front of one of his beautiful cars. What decision have you made? It’s a mystery. It might be another marketing campaign or genuine news about his future at Juventus; there are no guarantees in Italy right now.

Meanwhile, both ‘Corriere dello Sport’ and ‘L’Equipe’ believe that the operation carried out by AS on April 13 might be repeated: a Ronaldo-Icardi swap. The notion of living beneath the Eiffel Tower appeals to the Portuguese, while the Argentine has long been a target of the Vecchia Signora, who would be free of the gross 60 million that CR7 costs until 2022.


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