Barca’s Financial Crisis Means They won’t Be Able To Register Lionel Messi or Any New Signings

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The financial predicament in which Barcelona finds itself is simply staggering. They’ve been led into mounds of debt over the years, and now, under new leadership, the long road to recovery has begun.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution for them. In layman’s terms, Barcelona’s hands are now tied behind their backs, and they will be unable to sign any new players unless they make drastic cuts, including Lionel Messi.

They need to save roughly €200 million (£170 million) this summer or they’ll be in big trouble for next season. As part of LaLiga’s crackdown, first-team stars will be offloaded and salaries will be slashed.

In effect, it’s akin to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play system. Experts sift over reams of data pertaining to each club’s finances, weighing predicted revenues, profits and losses, as well as saving and debt repayments.

Source: Daily Mail

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