Atlético Does Not Want to Lose Trippier Despite His Suitors

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Simeone’s lane is not for sale, and only his expressed wish to get out and a decent offer would result in him losing it. He can be seen at Manchester United in England.

The aim for Atlético this summer is to keep the backbone that helped them win the League. A smaller number of casualties will be replaced by new additions, but Simeone’s ideal eleven will be as clean as possible.

Marcos Paulo has arrived at the squad and has been assigned to fill the void left by Vitolo’s transfer to Getafe, as could happen with De Paul and Sal if the youth squad leaves. In England, though, they are adamant that Trippier return to the Premier League.

Manchester United is the leading suitor, and Cholo’s right winger might return to the islands two years after his first visit. Atlético Madrid is clear that they do not want to lose him, as he is crucial to their league title. As a result, English is out the window, and only a fantastic offer combined with the player’s expressed wish to leave will allow him to leave.

Source: AS

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