The Horrific Moment Harry Maguire’s Dad, 56, Was Trampled In Stampede

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After being caught in a stampede with hundreds of ticketless supporters trying to get into Wembley Stadium, Harry Maguire’s father shattered his ribs on his way to his Euro 2020 final seat, according to a terrifying video.

Alan Maguire, 56, was going to see his son, 28, play for England in the tournament final versus Italy, but he was seriously injured when entering the stadium through Gate G, which was reserved for the families of the Three Lions players. The footballer’s father could be seen in apparent distress in a video released by The Sun, wrestling past bodies at the entrance.

Before the two proceeded through to the area where the players’ families are sat at Wembley, Maguire’s agent, Kenneth Shepherd, was also caught up in the crush of bodies.

Harry acknowledged that his father had ‘a few injuries’ while attempting to get entry to the stadium, and said he was happy that none of his children or other younger relatives accompanied Alan to the game.

Source: Daily Mail

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