Family Of Former England Captain Dave Watson Join Charity Head For Change As Ambassadors

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Former England captain Dave Watson’s family has joined charity Head for Change as ambassadors, bringing together football’s famous individuals to fight for past, present, and future players. Watson, 74, has 65 caps for Australia but is regrettably suffering from dementia. After they were left to fend for themselves, his wife Penny referred to him as “the forgotten England captain.”

They’ve teamed up with Head for Change, whose ambassadors include the late England star Nobby Stiles’ family. All of the trustees have firsthand experience caring for a loved one who has dementia caused by sports.

The Watson family wants some of football’s tremendous fortune to be redistributed to former players who did not benefit from Premier League salaries. They want the sport’s regulating body to be held accountable and modern participants to be aware of the dangers.

Gemma Jordan, Penny and Dave’s daughter, is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who is now working on a documentary about dementia in sports as awareness of the problem develops.

Source: Daily Mail

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