Giorgio Chiellini: England’s Team B Could Have Made It To The Final Of Euro 2020 As Well

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England’s reserves, according to Giorgio Chiellini, might have reached the Euro 2020 final. Before Sunday’s match, the skipper could not have been more complimentary of Gareth Southgate’s team, saying: ‘I almost chuckle, I think England’s bench could have made it to the final on their own, because there are some great players.’

‘They’re a physical unit with talent all over the field.’ I believe the two teams who have put in the greatest effort and deserve to be in the final have made it.’

Centre-back Chiellini will face Tottenham Hotspur captain Harry Kane, whom he has admired for a long time.

‘He’s technical, shoots well from long range, is good in the air, and takes free kicks… Just ask Fabio Paratici, I’m a huge fan of his (former Juventus director of football, now at Spurs). We’ve talked a lot about Kane throughout the years.

Source: Daily Mail

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