US Presidential Election 2020

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1. As we speak, more than 94millon early votes has been cast by Americans. This is over 68% of total votes cast in the 2016 general elections. History will be made today..

2. Also with rumours of a possible post election riots break out, the White House has been fenced to protect the heavily guarded abode of the president from possible unforeseen attacks.

3. So many business owners and stores were seen fortifying their stores from possible post elections looting and riots attacks on their stocks. This is really looking like a danger looming and everyone is taking precautions

4. Part of the tension in the USA now is that even if former vice president Joe Biden wins and is declared the winner of the election, there are chances of President Trump challenging that in court and mind you, a larger number of the supreme court judges tilts towards president Trump’s side. This is one of the reasons why the democrats are looking at flipping the Senate during this election by having more senators than republicans thereby deciding the fate of democracy in both legislative houses. With Nancy Pelosi a Democrat as the speaker, a win for the Democrats in the Senate will be the end of any post election surprises from president Trump should Biden win.

What each candidate is using as a driver to gather and magnetize voters as we are few hours away from voting.

  1. President Trump.

No doubt he has really built a great economy over the past 3 years. The unemployment rate drastically reduced round the country all thanks to his economy policies. But the Pandemic has really hit them hard as regards employment. Presently, the rate of unemployment in the USA is spreading and raging like a California wild fire.

Empowering the US military and making it stronger than it used to be. No doubt the president has made the US military more deadly and feared across the globe. Cutting and negotiating peace deals across the middle belt as against the envisaged and assumed wars he will bring during his presidency.

Making America first. One of the things you hear on the lips of every average Amercian citizen is that, we want our country to ourselves and that is what he gave them. His immigration policies has also driven this and made it a success.

2. Former Vice President Joe Biden.

He claims to be one of, if not the major brain behind the economy recovery after the global recession the country went into in 2009. He is also capitalizing on the bad management of Covid-19 which has led to the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans.

He feels he could and should have done better. Also, Joe Biden is looking at clean/renewable energy by 2050 but baba Trump says, na oil or nothing for now just as Naija. Moral values are also what Biden wants to bring to the table. There is a general believe that moral is lost gone.

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