Uche Nwosu: I Once Hawked, Shouted ‘Orange Di Uto, Oka Di Oku’ In Streets Of Aba

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The former governorship candidate of Action Alliance (AA) in Imo State, Mr. Uche Nwosu has called on youths not to be in a hurry to compare themselves with others, saying such person overtime have invested in building themselves.

While revealing that he once hawked orange and cooked corn in the streets of Aba in a chat with ABN TV in Abuja, he added that some people knew him when he became the Commissioner for Land and later Chief of Staff to former Imo governor, Rochas Okorocha.

“Don’t be ashamed of what you do. Some people will say ‘I wish I was in Uche Nwosu’s shoe’ but have you asked yourself what I went through before becoming Commissioner for Land and even Chief of Staff before I ran for election as the governor of Imo State. “Most of them don’t know. I tell most of them that I stayed in Aba. I once hawked oranges from Umungasi to Eziukwu, to Ariaria, to Osisioma, to Ogbor Hill, carrying my orange, shouting orange di uto, sweet orange.

“I once hawked corn, oka di oku, hot corn. I once hawked coconut, ice water because in those days there was no pure water. That didn’t stop me from getting to my destination.

In life, before you get to your destination, you must be a driver of your destiny” he said. He called on the youths irrespective of whatever lawful venture they found themselves in, they should be proud of it. Nwosu warned that it is good to pass through the ladder of success then to look for success through shortcuts, urging youths to choose their role models well.


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