Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu Resigns Before No Confidence Vote

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Following the fan pressure and a public fall-out with Lionel Messi, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has resigned. As fans threatened to oust him, Bartomeu, who became president in 2014, was expected to obtain a vote of no confidence. After the Argentina striker handed over a transfer request in August, he fell out with forward Messi.

Barca have won four La Liga titles and the Champions League in 2015 under Bartomeu ‘s leadership but anger towards him had risen in the past year. “Messi said he felt misled by Bartomeu after his failed summer transfer and hit out at his presidency, saying that” there has been no project or anything for a long time.

In March, Bartomeu was due to step down, having served the maximum two terms as president of the club. Barcelona is owned by fans who are voting to elect a president to manage the club.

Source: BBC Sport

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