Those Who Want To Blame You For Destruction Of Properties Know Those Who Introduced Violence In The #EndSARS Protest – Pastor Sam Adeyemi Tells Youths

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi has addressed Nigerians on the outcome of the #EndSARS protest which has taken several turns in the last few days. The General Overseer of Daystar Christian Centre in tweets he shared, stated that those who want to blame the youths for massive destruction of properties in Lagos and other cities know the people that introduced violence in the #EndSARS protest.

He reiterated that people that destroyed properties are not part of the peaceful protesters who according to him, were phenomenal. The cleric also talked about the gains of the protest and some of the actions that must be taken henceforth. Pastor Adeyemi tweeted;

Dear young citizen. It’s time for everyone to reflect. The massive destruction of properties in Lagos and other cities is so sad. Some want to blame you, but you must not buy that narrative. They know those that introduced violence. Those that looted and destroyed property are also not part of you. They are products of a system that does not value its youths and has left them with little or no hope.

They are part of the reason you raised your voice against injustice and want a new Nigeria. What you did in less than a week was a phenomenon. Let me share how I see it. You attracted a mass following across all sectors within a short time because your cause is noble. No sane person should fault your call for justice. Leadership experts believed for a long time that the best way to motivate people to move is to give them a vision of the ideal future. But it has not always worked.

People prefer status quo to change. In recent times, they have come to realise that it sometimes works better to tell the story of people’s pain: their livable experiences. You got this right. You generated impetus and galvanised people to act focusing on police brutality. You overcame things that have divided our country and frustrated it’s development including ethnicity and religion, and put up a united front. You practically shared love instead of our culture of prejudice. That was a breakthrough.

The power gap between the leader and the led is high in most developing countries. That gap is low in most developed countries. You crushed that gap. You ran an efficient system on a flat structure. Your model of leadership facilitates development. Your flat leadership structure meant no one was dominating another. As leaders you took responsibility and served one another. You were accountable and transparent, announcing income and expenses daily. These have not been part of our leadership culture. You provided “stomach infrastructure”, meeting the basic needs for food and water. You provided healthcare with ambulance services. Some even got free haircuts on the street. Your organization was efficient. You got quick wins. A governor came to meet you on the street (I commend him for this).

SARS was dissolved and the government agreed to your 5for5 demands (I commend government for these). Continue to call for a stop to the looting and destruction. Take a deep breath. You created a mini new Nigeria. How do you take things forward and scale up? Please, stay strong online, own your narrative by all means and keep your discussions going

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