Mike Ezuruonye To Kunle Afolayan: The Small Respect I Had For You Is Gone

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There has been bad blood between two A-list Nigerian actors over what seemed as an hearsay dm’ed in the the Instagram account of the Yoruba actor by a user. Kunle posted it on his insta story, an act which seemed to fuel Mike’s anger. Read receipts and Mike’s response below:

The small respect I had for you is gone,yes I wrote u that in your sick DM. U touched the wrong guy by posting this on your twitter and Instagram stories… Guy,U buy wrong Market!! U now acting like u don’t know impersonators are using Actors/Musicians/politicians /celebs fake profiles and videos to Defraud people world over? Or haven’t u seen the ones caught in my respect and even jailed for impersonating me by @officialefcc ?.

Why am I surprised ,you’ve always HATED IGBOS..Are we going to forget in the Press ur statement years ago saying “IGBOS are the ones spoiling the movie industry..U dont like casting them.” Well this IGBO ain’t like u cos he was born in Lagos and speaks flawless Yoruba..And loves the Yoruba people U Tribalistic human!!!!! Guyyyyy I don come meet u for anything for this life…OMO HOLD YOURSELF O,before we for inside Nollywood go talk your matter outside..Rubbishhh Kunle U ARE TOO SMALL to bring me down with this stuuuuuupidddd unethical act…

smh If u were wise ,wouldn’t u as a colleague call me ,ask questions before posting this Rubbish on your Instagram and Twitter?… WHO DOES THAT….Obviously u…��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️���Mtcheww DUDE,,,if u want a problem ,boyyyyyyy BRING IT ON …I’m so freaking READY!!!. I’ve never called OUT any of my colleagues on social media but NIGGA u messed up this time ..��smh Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish Question Where were u when GOD CHOSE ME ������� #alwaysfavouredinhisgrace #youtoosmall

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