Why Liverpool Should Be Allowed To Clinch Title At Anfield

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Standing on a table next to the door, handle-to-handle with a copy of the European Cup, is a full-size replica of the Premier League trophy. Liverpool’s name has yet to be engraved alongside the previous winners. Carlos has not wanted to be presumptuous, but that moment is not coming as the league match decider won’t be played at Anfield but on a neutral ground.

All these does not really matter to Carlos Oynak, the owner of Georgie Porgy’s fast food restaurant. What matters most is that the merseyside be allowed to take the trophy home at the end of the day.

‘Without football, this city is a ghost city,’ explains Carlos, whose business has gravely suffered through this pandemic without matchday revenue. ‘Football feeds the whole city. I cannot think what Liverpool would be like without it. It’s been so long, 30 years waiting. The people want to celebrate.’

The idea that the people are going to celebrate, however, is causing the authorities some concern. Liverpool potentially being crowned champions in a game at Anfield had led police from outside the area to indicate that Jurgen Klopp’s team should be sent to a neutral venue for their denouement.

It is, frankly, a lazy conclusion that casts aspersions on all football fans. Never mind the crowds who are flocking to beaches and beauty spots in their thousands, ignoring social distancing and putting pressure on authorities, it is those who go to the match who will bring the most trouble.

When it emerged on Thursday evening that Liverpool might have to play their title decider somewhere other than Anfield, club officials — not for the first time during the hiatus — were flabbergasted and frustrated by the indication that supporters could not be trusted to stay at home.

In April, Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson suggested that bringing back the Premier League was ‘a non-starter’ because fans would congregate outside the stadium. His remarks left the club so angry that they released a statement in response and there was similar emotion on Friday.

If it is going to be difficult enough for all teams playing the final nine matches of the campaign behind closed doors, why should some have the added complication of going somewhere alien?

Culled From: Daily Mail

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