Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe: My Suicide Attempt Years Ago Led To Our Daily Manna

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During an online service, renowned publisher of Our Daily Manna, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, spoke about his near- suicide experience years ago and how he learnt from his mistakes.

His words: “Our Daily Manna devotional (ODM) is 23 years right now. About 31 years ago, as a young man, I made several mistakes in life.

I was about killing myself when my Father GOD appeared. He said “No, you are going to fulfill destiny, all i destined about you before you were born, they will come to pass”.

You shall write and help millions on earth.” That was how ODM was born. I never even liked writing of letters because I am a pharmacist and loved more of practical things. Not writing.”

“But Today, several people around the globe are using Our daily Manna and when they say the devotional writings are blessing them beyond measure I just wonder in amazement. I know It is a special grace!”

“The past can be painful, you either run from the past or you learn from it. Everybody makes mistakes, even those you respect or admire makes mistake. When you make a mistake, the first step you should take is to acknowledge it and ask yourself

“why did i make that mistake”, then seek for help, know more and read more on that area. In the multitude of counsel, there is safety.

Most of the mistakes people make is as a result of lack of knowledge. Refuse to condemn yourself and do not listen to negative comments from people. Know exactly why the mistake happened, deal with it and don’t go back to it. Move on!”

He added: “Before you were born, God has seen the mistakes you would ever make. None of the mistakes we have made has taken God by surprise.

No mistake can stop God’s Word from standing. God saw your future before you because HE is always a step ahead. You are not your mistake, you are not a failure. Do not live in the past. Move on!”

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