10 Bitter Truths Everyone Must Accept In Life

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Life is made up of mysteries, problems and a web of positive and negative emotions. There are bitter realities we intentionally choose to avoid but one way or the other we may have to accept them in the end. Below are 10 truths everyone must accept in life sooner or later.

1. Your True Friends: Your true friends are those ones you do not need to impress, look for and chase around before they smile at you or walk with you. They are the ones that are always close by, the ones that don’t mind telling you all your flaws and helping you go through them. The ones that warn you when you are about to make a mistake, make the mistake with you and face the consequences together with you.

2. Nothing Matters In The End: In the end, everyone will eventually die and at your death bed, everything will seem meaningless. It does not matter if you were rich, poor, powerful, popular etc. Everything becomes pointless in the end.

3. Time is The Only Treasure: Ask the old and weak man you see struggling to walk down the street. We all have a limited time to spend in this world. More so, we are only young, strong and agile for a while, if we live long enough. How you choose to spend your time both when strong and weak all totally depends on you. Once you spend, you never get back and the trick is, you must spend!

4. People Pleasing And Loosing Yourself: No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone, the more you try, the more you make more enemies. Infact pleasing one sometimes means displaying the other, you make A happy and B becomes sad. Don’t get caught up in the pleasing game you end up loosing your true self, virtues and sanity. Do what pleases you and see who is happy with it.

5. The Three Faces: There are three faces and sides in everyone, the One they show to the world, the one they show to their loved ones and the one they show no one. Beware!

6. Memories Matter: In the end, what you truly leave behind are the memories you created with people and everyone who has ever known you. Becareful not to leave bad ones for those are the things you will be remembered for.

7. Reactions: No event and action is truly complete until there is a reaction. Everything comes with its positive and negative sides, how you choose to see things and how you react to them makes the difference. Your reaction to happenings or stimuli around you will determine your mood, problem solving ability, your general outlook and their outcomes. Guess what? It’s all up to you!

8. Those Words Matter: What you say to people and how you throw it at them creates a long lasting if not a forever effect on them. More so, whatever comes out of your mouth can be held against you even after several years have passed. What you say may end up creating problems you never envisaged. Becareful with your words, they can really hurt others without your knowledge and even you in the end.

9. You May Be The Problem: Sometines the people around you are not the problem but you. Your decisions, your attitudes, your stubbornness etc. Things may be going wrong in your life and you naturally turn to blame others for your woes. Sometimes the problem is you and not them, deal with it.

10. Everyone Will Die And No One Knows When: After all the hustle and bustle, pleasure and pain, strength and weakness, we will all die and no one know when he or she will. The fact is certain but the date is unknown, so do the best you can today.

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