My Success Cost Me My First Son” – 50 Cent Opens Up On His Son, Marquise Jackson (Video)

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50 cent has opened up for the situation between him and his son, Marquise who he has a very open and public fallout with for several years now.

The rapper turned TV series creator described the situation as sad because his son is looking to live a life that is beyond privileged. He cited an example of Marquise having to get some of the best shoes in the market like the Jordans retro but his mum advising him that he deserves even more because he is 50cent’s son while 50cent reflects on it as his son having privileges he could only dream of in his own childhood.

50 cent also reveals that he has lost love for the son because he has given him love for so long without getting any love back and also thought it was his mother that was teaching him but now realises it was Marquise himself as he is now 24 years old and he is not a baby no more

You can watch the complete video below

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