Gay Model Kyle Ends His 1year Marriage To Felipe

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Gay Model, Kyle Goffney has walked out of his one-month-old marriage to his partner Felipe, on grounds of infidelity. Kyle who made the announcement on Instagram said he gave three years of his life to Felipe, which according to him was all for nothing as Felipe is in love with someone else.

He further revealed that it’s going to be hard to trust again, as he adviced his followers to be careful of who they fall in love with and also make sure it’s mutual.

He wrote;

I never in a million years thought this would be me. I’ve been married for a month, and now I have to get a divorce. I can’t stay married to someone who is in love with someone else. We all were a family, but pay close attention to the friends you allow in your life and in your home. I’m happy for you two and he can even have my ring. Let me pack up my broken heart and move on. I refuse to be a hater…. He’s all yours baby you can have him. 3 years my life for nothing. It’s going to be hard to trust again after this one! Be careful who you fall in love with and make sure it’s mutual. #movingon #becareful #with #your #heart I might forgive a person 100 times but I’m only going to trust them once.

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