Beware Of False Success/Progress!

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are forced to compare the little results of your hustle to that of a friend who suddenly became rich over night without a legitimate trace to his or her money?

Some of your friends or peers decided they do not like to go the hard way. Some did not go to school and even the ones that decided to, joined the band wagon there too. From joining all manner of confraternities to robbery, stealing, defrauding people on the internet, doing all sorts of rituals to enable them defraud people successfully.

They throw a little cash here and there but you look away and face your hustle/studies. The conscience and upbringing in you won’t let you do all that, even though they are beginning to get all the attention around. You console yourself that in the near future they may end up having to cry while you rejoice your paying hard work and good decisions.

Few years later these same guys have so much cash to throw around, they drive sleek cars, all the ladies want to be around them, even your girlfriend is considering switching. Your crush won’t listen to you because she is with them, your parents have started comparing you to them and making you feel guilty of choosing the good hard way, even the society is giving them standing ovation.

Suddenly your little hustle begins to irritate you, this wasn’t how you planned it. You have been doing it diligently for some years now and it seems it has simply just chosen to remain ‘little’. The handiwork you learnt doesn’t look like it will make you a millionaire anytime soon, your 9 – 5 job is not paying you enough cash for you to afford a throw around. “I could have joined them”, that is what keeps ringing in your mind.

Success is not always what the eyes sees, having ill gotten cash to throw around and having the attention of all the ladies does not make one successful. Do not throw away your years of work and little beginning just because of flashy things and shiny blings. Your path is different from everyone and you owe no explanation to anyone for following it.

Chase your own dreams evenn if they do not look attractive at the moment. Do not drop everything to chase some bogus shiny money box because everyone seems to be getting cash out of it. Success is sometimes deeper than the eyes meets, you may not be getting so paid at the moment, don’t stop building your foundation and digging for your own unique gold.

Even if you do not get so rich in the end, when the wind comes, you will stand because you dug and got rooted firmly. You do not know how close you are to your own gold and may never know if you stop digging. Don’t use the progress of others as a yardstick for yourself. Use it to motivate yourself to do more but do not say you have failed or is failing simply because they appear ahead.

Beware of false success and superficial progress with no foundation, do not stop digging your foundation for it either. Who ever wants to leave you should leave and whoever’s wants to stay is free. Life is so big everyone is in his or her own lane and unique terrain. Run your own and forget how far others who may have chosen an easier smoother path have gone. Time is the referee and only the referee gets to say who actually did win the game.

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