6 Habits Of Successful People

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Success generally means to achieve one’s set aims, goals and dreams. These goals and dreams could be anything from a simple task to a career goal, marriage, finance, fame power etc. Once you conceive anything, you set it as a goal and end up achieving it, you are successful with it.

However, for the sake of this article, I would like to focus on financial/career success. Successful people generally have some traits or habits that they have followed and repeated over the years that has made them what they are in the society today. Here are 6 of those traits;

1) Big Dreams: Successful people often begin by dreaming big. They have a very sharp and unbelievable imagination, reason why when they tell thier friends what they intend to do, they are often laughed at or taken unserious. They imagine out a very big and clear picture of what they want to achieve and keep dreaming of the final outcome until they achieve it.

2) Small Beginings: People who have made it in their chosen field or endeavour have often done so starting with little or no resources. They do not wait to get all the money or help they need before they begin to pursue thier dreams. Most wealthy persons start hustling with whatever they can lay thier hands on and build their finances or career gradually till they reach the heights.

3) Time: Successful people never play with their time. They understand that time is money and every second spent counts for something. When they fix appointments, they keep to the time. They work more and sleep less. They can never be caught gossiping or roaming aimlessly. They have time for everything and live their life planned that way.

4) Determination: If there is one trait that stands out in progressive people, it’s their strong and unshakable determination to do the things they must. Their unwaved will to succeed no matter the odds stands them out amongst their peers. They keep pushing no matter what untill they get something out of nothing. This makes them fearless, brave and daring.

5) Intelligent Decisions: People who have passed through the very tough and highly competitive career and financial terrains of this world have been known to do so by making wise and smart decisions. They listen more than they speak, observe their environment and competitors, calculate thier moves and make intelligent decisions that turns things around in their favour. They are also decisive and act on their decisions effectively.

6) Persistence and Perseverance: They never give up untill they have reached their goal. They may change their plan or moves to suit the current situation but they never drop their chase. If they fail, they pick up their pieces and keep moving. If they can’t walk, they would crawl, if they can’t crawl, they drag along. They are also known to endure all sorts of situations or conditions just to ensure their victory at last.

There you have it. If you want to become successful in your endeavours, following the above habits will increase your chances greatly and put you at an advantage towards achieving your dreams.


  1. Sometime asks why it’s always difficult to do to reasonable/meaningful things.
    We take pleasure on things that things that give immediate satisfaction than things that builds up to making us who we intend to become in life.
    May the good Lord stand by us to always direct us to doing the right thing; amen!

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