Strive To Always Tell The Truth

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Some people have become so addicted to telling lies to the point that speaking the truth becomes so abnormal and wierd to them. They lie even in the most unnecessary and inconsequential matter. Like they could have just finished eating rice and taking the plates to the kitchen, you walk in and ask “oh you ate rice?” With the oil still on their mouth, They go ” No ooh I just met the plate there and decided to take it to the kitchen. Not like you were going to kill them if they simply said yes.

Lying is very tedious and exhausting but liars do not understand this. You have to maintain a lie constantly and keep it so or else you get caught. Once you tell a lie, Ten years from now, you will need to remember exactly what you said and maintain it so, if you slip and say something different, you will be confronted for it. You will need another lie to cover that up and also have to remember the second cover up lie. If you get caught on the cover up, you will need another cover lie to cover that too and also need to remember that also. The trail goes on and on until you are finally caught.

Another thing lying does is that it belittles your victim, probably sets them up or portrays them in bad light. It also makes people feel they are not trusted enough or worthy to be told the truth. As you drag the trails of your lie along, slowly you pull down your credibility before people and they wont trust you anymore. That means a lot especially when you will need help, no one will believe you eventually.

Telling lies is easy at first, you just say it and walk away looking like the good one. Over time it becomes hard to defend and the more you defend, the more you become addicted to it, soon you will become a full blown pathetic habitual liar.

Truth on the other hand is self servicing, it would be hard to say at first because it may hurt the other and you look bad initially. But as time runs on, it becomes easier, you wont have to remember what you said. Even if you are woken up from a deep trance any day, you’ll just repeat exactly what happened and return to your trance.

You boost your image and credibility as time progresses and people can take your statement to the bank if need be. You could actually build a sky scraper over time, just by telling the truth. People may struggle with it at first but when they see it happening the way you said it, they draw closer to you the more.

When you tell the truth, the subject matter becomes part of your past, you drop it there and forget it. But when you tell a lie, you keep dragging the same matter into tomorrow, consequently making it part of your future. Admittedly, sometimes situations makes it hard to tell the truth, so when it is logical enough to lie, we do. As much as possible strive always to be a person of truth, be someone people can run to for the real deal. This way you always fear no one, no evil and constantly defeat yesterday.

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