Never Let Them Brake You With Their Reverse Psychology

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Wikipedia defines reverse Psychology as a technique involving the assertion of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired. This method is often used to make people act or behave in the intended or desired way by acting, behaving or speaking in the opposite way they did not expect.

Some people are gifted manipulators, they are so gifted they can make you sell your own twin into slavery without feeling guilty about it. You only begin to feel bad when the brainwash begins to fade off. One of thier major tool is reverse Psychology. In a bad situation, they predict what you would expect them to do or how you would naturally expect them to react. Since you are already prepared for that reaction, they would react the opposite way and throw you off balance. Somehow they will end up convincing you that a situation which was clearly thier fault is yours and you will believe it.

This technique of manipulation is common with cheats, beaters and scammers. They slowly use it to eat into your subconscious while exacting fear, pressure and conflicting emotions on you, until they finally brake your spirit and you become their play toy. Then they can do just about anything they want with you and get away with it. You will either see nothing wrong with it or even if you do, you will naturally feel there is nothing you can do about it.

You catch your partner cheating on you or you do have a strong evidence to suggest so. Angrily you confront them with the fact and naturally you expect them to be remorseful and apologise and since they are pinned to the wall and can’t deny anything. Instead of that to happen, they flare up in anger at you, yelling and telling you how you have failed to do your duties, how you pushed them into doing so. They enumerate this and that, tell you they were never like that until they met you, it’s all your fault.

Slowly your anger begin to die down and you get on the defensive side, finally you succumb and turn to apologise to them in the end. Same scenario repeats itself severally, sometimes instead of yelling, they cry and softly do the convincing. After a while you are tired of confronting them over same issue and becoming the troublesome one in the end, so next time you see it happen, you let it flow. You are broken!

Similar behavior plays out after beating and pounding you like yam. You barely escaped the beating with your life, managed to gather yourself and about to run for your life. However, they appear in front of you, fall to your feet like a boneless dog and furless sheep, begging and crying uncontrollably. They Point out how you push them everytime into doing it. It’s your fault, if you did not do this and that, i wont have touched you.

They proceed to convince you that you are all they have and all that keeps them alive and breathing. If you leave, they would die! Suddenly, instead of you to see yourself as the vulnerable and endangered one, you begin to see them so. Then they promise never to do it again, you look at their face and you forgive and stay, but that is not even the 10th time it has happened. You are broken and may end up dead!

Never let anyone manipulate you into being a human robot. Never let anyone brake your spirit with fear, emotions, intimidation and manipulations. If you saw it happen, then it is what you saw. If they have something to say, it better be a very valid and logical explanation, with apologies for even allowing the logic play out that way. If it felt painful and life threatening, brother, sister, it probably is life threatening and no one intentionally keeps causing something that threatens their life always! Walk away with your life while you can, don’t listen to “I can’t live withou you” if you die, they would get another in no time. Save yourself, if they need help and you love them, you can save them later. Don’t let anyone manipulate you into seeing third standard as a norm. It is not and you deserve better anytime any day!

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