Let Your Education Reflect Also In Your Character

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During graduation or convocation ceremony in the university, the registrar will often read “the persons standing have been found worthy both in character and in learning to be admitted to the degree of …”. This means that apart from acquiring knowledge on your chosen field of study, you are also expected to be impacted with the right character and attitude to aide good behaviour and morally upright human interactions.

This goes ahead to give credence to the fact that education is not about being knowledgeable or intelligent but also formation of good character for moral and ethical actions and reactions. Using both your knowledge and character to change your environment and impact the society in a positive way. So when you speak and act, people admire you, your education and dream to be like you.

Ironically, the society today is filled almost to the brim with graduates brandishing several degrees, both in the government and the general masses. However, that number has failed to affect, push or help the progress of the society in anyway positive. Rather it has facilitated economic downturn, moral decadence, poverty, all sorts of crime and fraud both in government and everywhere, insecurity, insurgency, disregard for the law, greed etc could it be the fault of the schools or that of the graduates being produced?

Which ever way you choose to argue that, the truth remains that we are plagued with educated illiterates who cares nothing about morals, ethics or the welfare of the society but simply driven only by greed and lust for power. If you choose to argue against the school, should they not have taken steps by now to correct the anomaly in the school system? If you say it’s the individuals, aren’t we all adults who are supposed to know the clear difference between right and wrong, good and evil?

Your degree should not end with the paper and pen, it should reflect on your character, your attitude towards life and the people around you, your ethics in everyday dealings. You should be able to differentiate clearly between right and wrong, good and evil and act accordingly. You education should not just be a piece of paper awarding you a degree, it should also be seen in how the community around you works, how you strive to impact it positively.

It should make you human with sympathy for the poor and thier plight. It should tell you what you need to do to help the economic situations of the state and when given the chance to handle the affairs of the state, it should also direct you on how to do it ethically and uprightly. Untill our education begins to reflect not just in our brains, but in our hearts and character. It remains useless both to us and the society at large and we remain nothing but educated illiterates.

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