The Pain Of Grudge And The Freedom Of Forgiveness: Grudge

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Do you know why there is so much negativity and evil in the world today? Because evil is very easy and Goodness is hard. For example, it is very easy to pick up a gun, locate a crowd and open fire on them, but ask same person to restore life to just one of his victims, they fail. Ask them to locate a group of destitute beggars and give them life by uplifting thier condition, they also fail.

Only the strong and brave can do good and keep doing it, the weak and cowardly turn to the easy one. Unfortunately the strong are few in number, hence the world today. Everything starts from the mind, were we ought to forgive, we bear grudge and the world keeps burning.


Dictionary will go ahead to define grudge as a “Deep-seated and/or long-term animosity or ill will about something or someone, especially due to a past bad deed or mistreatment.” A lot of people think that holding onto a grudge makes them strong and respected but that is not the case. Grudging only makes one vulnerable, mentally weak and unstable. It is the mental instability and weakness that people get wary of, not knowing when you will go off, consequently avoiding you, hence the misconception of respect.

When you keep bearing grudges especially those of deep pain or hurt, over time they eat into you and begin to impact your normal reasoning. This in turn may lead you into revenge and matters get more complicated. Vendetta could hurt you the source, your victim, anyone else unfortunate to get caught up in it or everyone at the same time. It could also lead to more reprisal vendetta, all in the name of a simple weakness that could not be controlled.

Why waste so much energy in bearing grudges? Why choose to hurt yourself and your emotions indefinitely? Why put yourself through long term mental, emotional pain and torture, all because of a person or group of persons. You are suffering because of someone or some people who may or may not be aware that they have hurt you that much and may not even care. They are probably living thier best life!

Furthermore, you think you will feel better after having your own pound of flesh? Chances are that you will feel more miserable after that silly revenge, mainly because you may not have the heart to behold and bear what you have done. At the moment you will seem strong enough to do anything and deal with it. The thing is, you are only driven by hate and anger, once you are satisfied and they disappear, you are left alone with your own mind, conscience and pictures of your evil. Trust me, you can’t live with it.

Easy to learn evil, in the process of your vendetta, you may get used to the idea of hurting people, yes! The human mind is that tricky and complicated. Can you stand the person you will become? How different then are you from the ones who hurt you? Grudges are for the weak at mind and cowardly at heart. Free yourself and lighten your mind, karma will do the rest for you. Get light!

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