It Is Not How Big The House is…But How Happy Is The Home?

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We are in the 21st century and a lot of the good things of life is either driven or facilitated by money. Even affording a decent house to live in and call a home depends on how much you have. Facing this hard reality, coupled with the harsh economy, we all channel our minds to money and concentrate on attaining financial freedom sometimes at the expense of our happiness and that of the ones we love.

Living in a big mansion is good, being able to afford a luxurious house or flat is great. No one will intentionally want or choose to suffer, the question is, how happy and fulfilled are you and your family in the house. How much love, peace and joy do you have in the house. Do not get me wrong, I would rather live in a mansion, in a Posh city than bend my head into a hurt in some slum. However, I would also like ny happiness to be as big and beautiful as the house.

A house is a standing structure, but a home is were you and everyone in the house feels comfortable and happy to dwell in. It is not how big the house is, but how happy the home is. How happy is your family? How much love do you all share? How much quality time do you spend with them? what about the mental physical and mental wellbeing of everyone in the house? Do you crave to go home from work or is it just some place you pass the night?

Finally while striving to afford a big place for the family, strive also to make sure they are happy were they are, no matter how small it is. In trying to afford a luxury life for your family, also pay attention to their physical and mental wellbeing. Money and luxury is very important, infact happiness also has a function on money in it. Yet, what is the point if you live in a condo in the sky but can’t eat peacefully in it, can’t sleep comfortably in it and can’t smile or laugh freely in it.

Get an island if you want or can, build a hut if that’s what you can afford, just make sure that which ever it is, you and everyone else that matter is happy and feels loved in it. People live in dump sites and they live happy while some live in mansions at Lekki and are living in bitterness. The size matters, but the feelings is also important.

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