By All Means, Avoid Negative people!

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Pessimism and negativity is one of the biggest and deadliest enemy of progress one can ever have. They are the ones that manufacture the fear that is planted in your heart whenever you want to take the bull by the horn and convince you it’s a stupid idea that is bound to crash. Out of fear of failure, you chicken out!

When pessimism and negativity combines in a person, they become a breathing potent weapon of failure. They have the ability to become your friend, spend time with you, share moments with you thus having all the time in the world to slowly, politely and convincingly kill any good idea you ever conceive.

By all means stay away from pessimists, anyone with a habit of negativity or anyone with a negative mentality. They have a problem for every solution. You try to start a business, they remind you how hard it is for businesses to thrive in the country. You decide learn a handiwork, they tell you its petty and you will end up poor. You want to go to school, they tell you education is now useless, “who school help?”. You decide to travel out of the country, they tell you it’s very expensive and Visa is not easy to get. They will give you practical examples of failure for everything you want to try. All they want you to do is remain where they are, doing what they do.

Never stay friends with a negative person, they are not just pessimistic, they are also very envious. If you manage to do it against thier advice and make it, they will go ahead and spread unbelievable lies and falsehood about how you managed to do it, just to make you look bad in front of everyone and satisfy their negative mind.

A person with a positive mind will always give you an encouraging advice and if they they feel your idea or plan is not realistic, they would find a way to convince you to make reasonable changes to the plan but charge you to keep the goal alive. Avoid negativity and negative people at all cost and always do all you dare!

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