Do It For Those Who Want To See You Fail

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Once you are born into this world, you begin acquiring enemies and haters from that point. Most of them inherited from your parents, by virtue of position or family of birth. As you grow up, you naturally acquire yours, either from friends turn enemies, exes, neigbours, competitors or persons you offended or had a fight with.

Either inherited or acquired, no matter how good you are, everybody can never like you or wish well, even if they all profess so. If everyone likes you, then you should check yourself. You are either blind to the obvious or plain foolish that no one sees you a competition or threat.

For this fact therefore, you should have more reasons to want to work hard and put your haters to shame. Nothing is completely disadvantageous, they want to see you fall, boo at you and laugh at your pain and regrets. That should give you the motivation to want to be more careful, work twice harder and give them a heart attack with your success story.

Even if you have no point to prove or life has hit you so hard you have no drive to want to try again, Do it for the people who are happy to see you fail. For those who are telling you sorry verbally but calling you a failure and laughing at you inside. Do it for those you have had to compete with and won in the past, who now want to see you fail just to massage thier ego.

While you are working towards success and striving for excellence, remember those who asked if you can do it, the ones who refused to help because they are afraid you could succeed and the ones who would rather you remain at their level and not have ambitions at all. Let them all also be part of your drive and inspiration. Do it for those who want to see you fail.

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